Cub Scout Badge of the Month

In recognition of the Centenary of ANZAC Day, the Cub Scouts at 3rd Williamstown Cub Scout Pack are striving to earn the 'Their Service, Our Heritage' badge throughout April. The 'Their Service, Our Heritage' badge is an annual award and is achieved each year with the year commencing on 25th April. The badge will have a different coloured edging each year.

Their Service, Our Heritage - 100 years badge
To achieve the 'Their Service, Our Heritage badge, Cub Scouts must:

Participate in two activities relevant to “Their Service – Our Heritage”


  • Take part in an ANZAC day march or ceremony
  • Take part in Remembrance Day
  • Invite a Veteran to your meeting to talk to you
  • Visit a Veterans Home or the local RSL
  • Maintain your local Memorial
  • Visit a Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

LAST MONTH: Bring-A-Friend Badge

For February and March 2015 Cub Scouts are striving to earn their Bring-A-Friend badge.
The purpose of the Bring-A-Friend badge is to encourage Cub Scouts to take pride in their Scouting membership and to show their friends the
new and exciting things that they learn there. To earn the Bring-A-Friend badge Cub Scouts must:

  1. Bring a friend (not a current member of the Scout Association) to at least three meetings/activities 1. with your Cub Pack
  2. On one of these visits teach you friend a simple Scouting skill
  3. On one of the three visits teach you friend something about the next section (Scout section), which could simply be who they are, what they do, etc.
  4. Your friend does not need to join the Cub Pack in order for you to earn the badge